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Altavady Group is a farming operation with strong family values striving for sustainable production. We focus on continuous improvement to ensure our farms are operating for the better of our animals, team, environment, consumers and communities.



Animal Welfare is at the heart of Altavady Group.

Our stock is our livelihood and as such we work with people who understand and share this sentiment.

We take responsibility for animal well-being while in our care and beyond the farm gate.


Altavady Group recognise the importance of health and safety in our farming operation.

We treat safety as a priority and understand the value it adds to our sustainability strategy. All of our farms operate under tailored health and safety management plans to ensure our team develop and deploy risk and safety management skills in daily operations.


Our aim is to mentor and empower all team members. We are continuously evaluating and improving our strategy on farm to protect health, safety and well-being of our people.

Altavady Health and Safety


Altavady Group is proud to supply premium quality products to our core partners. This is a testament to our innovative and sustainable focus on pastoral farming. 

Altavady Group is committed to our part in the supply chain from behind the farm gates, to ensure quality food is delivered to end consumers.


Altavady Groups every day farm management focuses on the following core bio-security risk points; livestock movements, animal health management, farm access, feed quality and pest control.


We take a proactive approach to protect our people, animals and land by routinely assessing biosecurity protocols.

Animal Welfare
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health And Safey
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